Re-Allocating Road Space for Active Transportation During and Post-Covid

In May 2020, we held a webinar to discuss how municipalities are dealing with Road Allocation during the COVID emergency (different strategies and pros and cons). Simultaneously, The Center For Active Transportation (TCAT) partnered with Share the Road Cycling Coalition to present six live webinars and develop resources for municipal staff about re-balancing streets and active transportation in the midst of a pandemic. Access to TCAT resources can be found here.

4 Motivations For Re-Allocating Road Space

#1: To safely provide adequate space for physical distancing.

#2: To provide an alternative to transit.

#3: To support residents' physical and mental health.

#4: To build a more sustainable post-COVID city.

4 Motivations For Active Transportation and Micro mobility

#1: A decline in transit ridership, service, and capacity due to need to maintain physical distance

#2: Risk of increased car usage as cities re-open

#3: Increased focus on health and physical activity

#4: A desire for a green recovery