Aliya Jiwan-ThawerAJ

Aliya Jiwan-Thawer

I'm a former television journalist who spent nearly a decade working with the CBC and CTV. During that time, I took a great interest in issues and stories pertaining to children. Now, as a communications consultant working with various clients through my own firm AJT Communications, as well as other PR firms, I have the privilege of working with a few child-focused clients and have learned a lot about some of the challenges facing parents. I have had some exciting and challenging assignments during my career but by far the toughest assignment was becoming a mom for the first time. I'm a proud mom to a busy toddler. Whenever I faced any roadblocks with my little guy be it sleep, feeding or potty training, I sought out the best advice through books, seminars and expert websites. Getting expert advice can cost a lot of time and money. Now I'm sharing my experience and the knowledge I gained with other parents. 

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