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Amy Muller

Amy Muller is Director of Community & Customer Success at newly launched Automatic Labs. She is also a co-founder of customer support community platform, Get Satisfaction. Amy's focus over the better part of the last decade has been in the realm of Customer Community Strategy, Community Management, Customer Support, and Customer Engagement & Relationship Building.As a co-founder of Get Satisfaction she is deeply familiar with the peaks and pitfalls of engaging with your customers in an online, public platform. She has spent much of her time writing, speaking, and teaching about how to do this in an effective way that is beneficial for both the brand and the customer. The key is building trust! When not founding startups, managing online communities or taking care of customers, Amy keeps herself busy living a nerdly life in San Francisco with her husband, Thor Muller, and two kids Quinn & Tesla. Or planning geek retreats in the desert such as YxYY.