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About REALTOR.ca:

REALTOR.ca, Canada’s No. 1 real estate platform, is a trusted resource ow...

Christine FletcherChristine Fletcher

Christine Fletcher

About Christine:

<p>I love to help people in offering them the best advice. I have ...

Kelly Santini LLPKelly Santini LLP

Kelly Santini LLP

About Kelly:

<p>Kelly Santini LLP is an Ottawa based law firm serving businesses...

Andy Church

Andy Church

About Andy:

<p>I am a 20+ year B2B marketing veteran with depth and experience ...

Lee DavenportLee Davenport

Lee Davenport

About Lee:

<p><strong style="background-color: initial;">L<...

David WaringDavid Waring

David Waring

About David:

<p>NYC Entrepreneur and Editor at&nbsp;<a href="http://...

Joan WeismanJoan Weisman

Joan Weisman

About Joan:

<p>Joan Weisman has been a Real Estate Broker in Los Angeles since ...