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Barefoot Landscape Lighting was begun to carry mind blowing lighting to people group's properties and permit them to partake in their patios more than ever, growing their property and opening up new spaces at no other time seen while sitting in obscurity. At the point when we do a lighting project, it is definitely more than essentially tossing some uplights on trees and your home. We make a living enlightenment representation of your property. It is a fine art and our style is particular. We Extend your property utilizing lighting so you can partake in The entirety of your property any season of day or night. Barefoot Landscape Lighting does a wide range of outside open air lighting plan and establishment. With Chiefs team of 13 years in the lighting business it's an ideal opportunity to allow us to assist you with partaking in your property like you've never even imagined. Barefoot Lighting is the landscape lighting arm of Experts Inc. We offer a variety of administrations all identified with changing your space utilizing light. This is the place where Chief Matt and Dissident Mike come in. Permit us to show you how unique your life can be when loaded up with light and permit you to partake in your property the entire day and night. Contact Us: Barefoot Landscape Lighting Address: 8 Vatrano Rd Suite 11, Albany, NY 12205 Phone: 518-738-7665 Email:

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