Bye-bye files. Hello guides.

Guides are cloud-based documents that can be updated in real-time with a fresh modular format making it easy to create & access information from anywhere on any device. One-click updates and push notifications keep everyone on the same page and everyone's knowledge and skills up to date.

A central hub for information that matters.

Your group knowledge shouldn't be stored in emails, chat, and static shared drives. uses hubs and channels to organize knowledge in meaningful ways and leverages powerful AI-based recommendations and notifications to keep content fresh and everyone informed.

Building common knowledge. makes it easy to share and curate knowledge with anyone through connected hubs. Explore the open knowledge library to collect guides, subscribe to channels, and engage with people and organizations sharing their knowledge and passion.

How it works.

See how simple it is to get setup, connected, and moving forward together.

  • Create a hub for your group or organization, select topics of interest, and invite members.

  • Add channels to organize your guides by topic, team, project, or whatever you want.

  • Create guides on topics that matter to your group.

  • Add any content and organize it with sections and pages.
    (Hint: if you’ve used Microsoft Word you already know how to use

  • Publish your guide and add it to any channels () you'd like. Share it privately, or publicly on websites, social media, or on the network.

  • Receive smart, individualized recommendations and notifications based on your interests and experience.