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Easily create long-form, multi-page content that is as simple to use as Google Docs, more secure than a PDF, and a better user experience than a webpage.

Guides is the only living format that allows you to:

  • One version, update in real-time, everywhere
  • Enable users to save & subscribe
  • In-context feedback and discussions
  • Send push updates to your audience
  • Publish anywhere on the web
  • Monitor and control access in real-time


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The Guides platform is your personalized intranet, portal, website resource center, and RSS-feed rolled into one.

Whether you're working solo, or with thousands of people and dozens of stakeholders, we make it easy to get the right information to the right people -- and keep them up-to-date on what matters.

Our AI-based recommendation engine will help you curate your information, find relevant content and connections from across our network, and make sure information is getting to the right people (and keep your private content secure).


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