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I have three main hobbies in my life.These are writing, technology and gaming and it always seemed logical to me to marry these things together and make a living off it. The idea of working with what you love is a dream many hold but very few have the resources or ability to actually realise.I know I have the ability to write about anything and to make it entertaining and informative. I primarily write about games as my previous experience shows, I am passionate about the industry and would love to write on a regular basis to an audience. The time I spent at Kinguin.net certainly helped solidify my writing style, its important to me that someone can identify how I write. I want to be able to have someone recognise it is my piece of work just by looking at the type of humour and wording I use. This is purely a personal thing but I feel I have my own persona when I write now and I think it shows. I want my writing to be memorable otherwise its not good enough.Excusing writing now, both gaming and technology go hand in hand for me. Ever since I was a young child I have always had a sort of affinity with technology. It just made sense to me. This grew over the years and now I am certainly more than capable with hardware. I make sure to keep up with all the latest news I dont want to be outdated ever.Now add gaming into the mix, what I am always doing is understanding how games work. It's important that I understand how everything is working because I enjoy it more that way. You can better evaluate an experience if you know how that experience was brought to you and I think that is paramount.The fact I can combine the things I love into something even better and make a living off it is amazing to me and I want to make sure I take advantage of that fact.

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