Cara HerzogCara Herzog

Cara Herzog

I grew up in a smallish town in Georgia, just about 50 miles from the big city, or Atlanta as it is known to most. I was a very shy child, there were two comments on my kindergarten report card, Cara is very sweet but timid. She only plays in the sandbox if she is personally invited, and she giggles too much. To a certain degree those comments are still true. I am a naturally shy person, and I love to laugh and laugh often. In my 20’s my shyness has taken a backseat to ambition. I have worked in public relations for the last 6 years, an ironic profession for a shy kid, but it has been a wonderful experience. The work I have done forced me out of my shell, gave me a fresh perspective, the ability to write original content, think outside the box, swim in the deep end, and have fun doing it. I am also very involved in local non-profit organizations. I have worked with disadvantaged youth throughout my career, and it is incredibly important to me. I serve on several boards as well; from the planning and zoning commission to the young alumni council of my alma mater. I believe each one of us can make an impact in our community. In my spare time I love to play with my dog and hangout with my husband, not necessarily in that order. My husband and I are very committed to a healthy lifestyle, we workout 6 days a week, and constantly experiment with new healthier recipes. It is truly a case of trial and error; my husband is often the guinea pig. I am admittedly addicted to my social media channels and reality TV. I have no shame, we all deserve a guilty pleasure, or two, or three….the bravo network should send me a thank you card. Much to my husband’s chagrin I also love magazines, from fashion to celebrity gossip, I never go a week without a new magazine. Fashion is also a big part of my life, but since I got married last year, and my husband is much more shall we say…sensible about spending? I have learned the value of a good deal, and the importance of beauty on a budget. I have actually had a lot of fun creating looks for less; there is a sense of pride in looking great, without going into debt. Often times what you need is already in your closet. So, in short, I’m a lucky girl. I have accomplished so many of my goals, but the list keeps growing. I am passionate about my husband, my family, my sweet dog Ewok (yes like Star Wars, she looks just like one), finding time to play, sunshine on my face, children in need, women “leaning in,” lazy Sunday afternoons, dirty martini’s, chunky scarves, ALL my shoes, French fries, working out, football, big hair, and learning to cook, and most of all, experiences that challenge and excite me. “For my part, I know with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream” Vincent van Gogh