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Dr. Andrea Mattia DDS, LLC offers total thorough dental care for children, young people, grown-ups, and patients with unique requirements from routine exams to more perplexing treatment including, if vital, nitrous oxide. This incorporates dental reclamations, extractions, and orthodontics. Our staff comprises dental hygienists, dental associates, and office faculty who are consistently prepared to help you in any capacity conceivable. We see numerous children consistently who require broad treatment. We will likely have your first experience with dentistry be a positive and fun experience. We intend to accomplish and keep up with the best oral wellbeing for your kid in an adoring, caring climate that is charming for the kid, parent, and dental group. Guardians are consistently welcome in the treatment region with their children. We anticipate meeting you and your kid. The techniques regularly done in a dental setting require some participation from the kid. In specific situations, it would thus be suggested that treatment be delivered under broad sedation in a protected climate. Contact Us: Dr. Andrea Mattia DDS, LLC Address: 175 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan, NJ 07675 Phone: (201) 768-7100 Email: andreamattiadds@gmail.com

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