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Force 5, Inc. creates advanced, enterprise-level solutions for the power utility industry. Their automated technologies enable utilities to drastically reduce their financial, operational, reputational, compliance, and enforcement risk. Force 5, Inc. robust products are built-and proven-to withstand the rigorous environments and the unique threats and challenges that only power utilities face. Force 5, Inc. Gatekeeper is an advanced software and hardware solution that enables power utility companies to drastically reduce their entire risk profile-across financial, operational, reputational, compliance, and enforcement. Gatekeeper’s robust technology provides AlwaysOnTM real-time information on every visitor and critical asset across a utility enterprise. It delivers ROI by automating the labor-intensive regulatory and audit requirements, and it helps utilities mitigate compliance and reputational risk by being real-time Always Audit ReadyTM. Contact Us: Force 5, Inc. Address: 4390 SW 73rd Ave, Miami, FL 33155 Phone: (786) 259-0084 Email:

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