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Moore Family Law Group attorneys have appeared at nearly 5,000 family law hearings. The combined experience between our senior paralegals and attorneys is over 50 years. At Moore Family Law Group, we take a holistic approach to your divorce and family law issues. We will not hesitate to bring in financial planners, insurance brokers, real estate agents, therapists, stylists, interior designers, and whatever else we need to achieve the best result in the client's case and help the client become the best version of themselves. People who are breadwinners and providers in the family and their accomplishments, hard work, and well-established careers should not be taken advantage of during and after their marriage. Strategic, creative, and intelligent solutions are the best way to approach a family law matter. Taking an aggressive path towards problem resolution is always very costly and is rarely the best choice towards an optimum solution. That family law should be practiced ethically, tastefully, and compassionately, even when an opposing counsel and party stoop to unprofessional and low-grade tactics. That divorce, custody, and child support matters should not be an instrument for punishment, vengeance, or games. We will not play along. That should be handled with care and precision, where a reasonable divorce attorney plays the role of a good heart surgeon, planning and mapping the result, operating in a quick, strategic, efficient, and skillful manner, and getting out with the least amount of damage as possible. Contact us: Moore Family Law Group Address: 4160 Temescal Canyon Rd #302, Corona, CA 92883 Phone: (951) 463-5594 Email:

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