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Neon Mama makes the coolest specially LED neon signs on the market. We've generally invested wholeheartedly in the nature of our custom neon signage. Our Dedicated, professional team works vigorously to give better quality neon signs than sales. Fast turnaround, from production to examination On All Items. Disliking conventional glass neon signs, LED neon signs don't consume that much power, your bill is saved. The perfect neon lights ideal for your home, business, man space, home bar, occasions, café and more. Get the perfect neon sculptures and wall art to light up your dividers. Ultra great drove neon signs are dependable and radiate brilliantly. Our company likewise helps individuals to make their own customized custom neon sign on the web. Our internet based sign manufacturer permits you to handily configuration, customize and make your ideal neon sign. Look over 7 base sizes, and multi colour choices, textual style choices, acrylic backing styles and multicolor impacts to create your ideal sign. The majority of the energy consumed by LED neon signs is changed into lights, and just 5 percent into heat. Contact Us: Neon Mama Address: Neon Mama, 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958 Email: