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Some experts recommend having a swimming pool safety inspection done once per month and before and after opening and closing. This can help you avoid any unforeseen issues that can arise from improper water chemistry, damage to equipment, or structural problems with the building itself. If you have a smaller facility with just a few swimmers, then it may be sufficient for you to have an inspection done once every 2-3 months. Safe Pool Australia also offers swimming pool inspection services for more extensive facilities that have a lot of swimmers. We have fully certified technicians who are able to complete these inspections within a matter of hours rather than days. This way, you can get back to having fun in your swimming pool or spa right away! We have gained a lot of experience by servicing many clients throughout Australia. We also have excellent knowledge and experience with all types of pools and hot tubs. So give us a call at +61 03 9863 7154 during the early hours to speak to one of our swimming pool inspection professionals. You can also complete our online form. You will receive a response from Safe Pool Australia within 24 hours. Contact Us: Safe Pools Australia Address: The Peninsula on the Bay, Ground Floor, 435 Nepean Highway, Frankston, Victoria 3199 Phone: +61 03 9863 7154 Email:

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