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"Sam's Nail Supply - Let us be the source of all the Goods We understand your frustration when starting your brand for a nail salon and maintaining it, and it could be overwhelming if you get stuck and duck in one place. Do not give up; the beginning is always the most challenging way, but it will bring the most fortune if you do it right. That's why we want to become the missing pieces of your journey by bringing what's best from us to you, and from that, you can finally be ready for your journey to conquer your customers. Here at Sam' Nail Supply, we always endeavor to reach and prepare our product carefully with the most recent procedures and styles with cutting-edge innovation. We are strongly committed to supplying all types of spa equipment and beauty necessaries for nail treatments, manicure, and pedicure to any nail salon that accompanies innumerable long periods of involvement in the magnificence business. We endeavor to make each customer our need, ensuring that we provide everything about what we feature every individual's common magnificence. In the course of recent years, Sam's Nail Supply has turned into the expert for recognizing individuals around the nail supply market to depend on having their Beauty needs met. In the entirety of our Members and Partners, we search for Excellence in all cases, energy for their work, and authentic want to give the ""endowment of Beauty"". Our vision is to expand more physical store locations in order to reach out over the U.S that is our first target at the nail supply market. Sam’s Nail Supply proudly earns the title of having the largest selection of nail supplies, with over 15 thousand SKUs sold at competitive wholesale prices. We will also focus more on our signature brands such as EXTREME+, GELery, GTP, and so on; we will continue to collaborate further with our partners like OPI, Kiara Sky, Glam & Glits, etc. Every individual from our brand's product conveys its abilities and identity the Beauty to the salon. A well-disposed group of receptionists and advisors strives to set aside a few minutes at Indulgence to the magnificent standard our customers anticipate from us." Address: 9750 Walnut St, Ste 135, Dallas, Texas 75243 Cell phone: (972) 234-5487 Email: Website: