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Should You Cook With CBD Oil? CBD products have become increasingly popular, given their multiple health benefits. You can also cook with CBD, and it is quite easy to include in your dishes. You can start small by adding a few drops of CBD tincture to your beverages so you can experience the effects faster. You can also add CBD to your ingredients when making baked foods. The best part of cooking with CBD is that you can try out various recipes to find out what you like. When baking with CBD, make sure you use it in recipes that require a heating temperature of 350 degrees or less. This is because too much heat can reduce the effects of CBD. You can prevent this by using it in foods that do not require any direct heat or by adding it to your food after serving it. You can also increase the effectiveness of CBD oil by mixing it with other cooking oils since it is soluble in fats. This allows the body to absorb it more efficiently. Be careful when taking alcohol with a meal that has CBD oil in it. This is because it can interact negatively with CBD. This also applies to certain medications. Always start with small amounts when cooking with CBD oil and increase the amount as you get used to it. This will help you gauge the amount you need to use to feel the desired beneficial effects. Store your CBD oil in a cool, dry place with minimal lighting to keep it effective and maintain the composition. Contact us for CBD oil and other CBD products in Chicago for whatever your needs may be. Contact Us: SmokePost CBD Dispensary Address: 2112 W Division St, Chicago, Illinois 60622 Phone: (312) 312-1501 Email: