Step 3: References

Contractor submits references:
  • Companies will be subject to reference checks for each sector they apply to. The HPSC will work with program and industry partners to locate available history for the company.
  • Contractors applying to the HPCN must provide two customer references that meet the following criteria:
    • the work was for a residential retrofit/renovation
    • the work involved sector-specific work
    • the work was completed within the last 90 days
    • references cannot be immediate family members or employees of your company
    • references must be able to communicate their reference in English (verbally or written).

< 3 Years in Business: If you have indicated (in stage 1) that your company has been in business in BC for less than 3 years, an additional reference from a supplier or distributor is required.

The HPSC will review the contractor application, including the references, and notify the contractor if they are approved to continue the registration process. Your patience for this step is appreciated as it may take up to 15 business days to complete during high-registration periods.