The Big Picture

The concept for a network of qualified retrofit contractors in BC emerged through the development of the HPSC Working Roadmap. The roadmap is a document summarizing the vision and priority actions of industry and stakeholders to advance the home performance industry in BC. It was developed over approximately two years through:

  • Identification and recruitment of key industry stakeholders and leaders in each of the respective sector groups to actively participate.
  • Interviews, workshops, conference calls, and surveys to gather industry input and contributions defining the issues and developing recommendations.
  • Sector Council evaluation for sense checking and vetting of content and ideas.

Out of this document, came the concept of a network to manage accreditation, certification, and quality assurance of retrofit contractors in BC. Since 2018, the HPSC has been working with its Sector Councils to design this network, including developing the criteria, and with industry stakeholders, to provide meaningful synergies between energy efficiency programs.