The universal means of communication

Is there a means or method of communication that could touch the essence of mankind and that would enable communication between people from every culture and background?

Communication, with its layers, means, nuances, and contexts can be a hard game when faced with multicultural differentiating aspects. A better understanding of motives and intentions could lead to finding the core of versatile ways to exchange thoughts.

What elements of exchanging ideas, feelings, and asking questions could transfer our intentions in the best and most exact way? Are there any shortcuts that could be used to address better arguments both, rational and emotional? What is influenced by how deep the subconscious decoder of a person's body language is installed? The question individuals need to explore is - "Am I in proper contact with myself, connected to my feelings and needs, and not driven by "what is appropriate" or "what is expected of me?" Not being honest with oneself is one of the barriers to being honest with others.

My thesis states that there is a meta-level meaning to human communications. It could be discovered by self-development of an individual, or developed on an organizational (understood as a group of people) level. Changing one's approach to life, people, and freeing oneself from burdensome convictions and fears, not only changes a person's perception of the world but can also have a significant impact on their communications.