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  • NAIMA Canada

    Naima Canada is on a mission to help Canada reduce green house gas emissions by offering free building science training to thousands of insulation installers across Canada.

    "Through Guides, NAIMA Canada has published open and accessible courses and support information used by thousands of contractors and enabling us to collaborate with partners on the future of resilient building practices."

    - Jay Nordenstrom, Executive Director

  • Efficiency Canada

    With over 100 partners across the country, Efficiency Canada is spearheading the first pan-Canadian project to promote, educate, and employ people in the emerging energy efficiency sector.

    "Through Guides Efficiency Canada hopes to inspire talented people across Canada to choose a purposeful career in energy efficiency and lead us to a better future."

    - Cory Diamond, Executive Director

  • Hat Creek Burgers

    HatCreek Burgers is supporting their communities by giving back to over 200 local sponsorships in and around Austin related to education, childhood development, and families in need.

    "Guides helps all of our employees and managers be successful in their store by keeping all of our Standard Operating Procedures and other important updated - all in one place."

    - Lucas Lee, Director of Operations

  • NADO

    NADO (Dutch Academy for Sustainable Education) is transforming curriculums through a grassroots community of educators to ensure students have the knowledge, skills, and commitment for a sustainable future.

    "Guides helps us keep all our content in one place and bring teachers and students together to create a bottoms-up community of passionate people, while helping them to transform their teaching programs."

    - Jay Nordenstrom, Executive Director

  • HPSC

    The Home Performance Stakeholder Council is on a mission to contribute to healthier, more efficient, and durable homes in BC by supporting over 800 professionals to adopt a house-as-a-system approach to renovations.

    "Guides allows us to easily create and edit previously outdated publications, organize them into spaces and even publish them to our website to reach a broader and more engaged audience."

    - Jovan Cheema, Managing Director