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Joanna Staniszewska, president of a communication agency and consultancy, co-founder of the international advisory group, mentor, lecturer, mother of three children. Competence areas: communication, new media, relations development, self-development, culture diversity, leadership, and social change. Joanna is a marketing and HR expert and adviser with over twenty years of experience. Specializes in the field of communication, HR, business education, leadership, cultural diversity, and mentoring. She is a founder and president of you’ll marketing and consulting agency, operating on international markets and promoting new media communication. Joanna holds a master’s degree in law and postgraduate studies diplomas in human resources management, marketing management, and business psychology. In the course of her entrepreneurship career, she graduated prestigious Swiss mentoring programs: Trestle Group Foundation and Stars – for Leaders of the Next Generation. As an academic lecturer of several universities and a trainer, she is conducting lectures in Polish and English, also on MBA (Marketing), Cultural Diversity, HR, and Business Psychology. Polish Ministry of Economy, as well as National Contact Points, invited her as an advisor in the field of modern communications. She trained consultants of a world-leading international advisory company. You may find her papers and articles printed in magazines and online. Recently EFFENEX Advisory group was promoted by her and another co-founder Izabela Disterheft in India to enable access for international advisors to the Indian business. International and Polish brands such as Diverse, GOLDWELL, KMS California, and many more were successfully managed by Joanna for years. Leadership Academy for Poland recognized her by the nomination for the leadership program. Fulfilling the role of knowledge convey Joanna was a mentor of Mentors’ Forum Foundation, Network of Entrepreneurial Women, Cherie Blair Foundation programs, Girls Go Startup, Escuela de Organizacion Industrial from Spain. Immensely popular Geek Girls Carrots initiative – a global networking organization that was locally coordinated by Joanna, was supporting the professional development of women in the field of new technologies and IT. Joanna is engaged in strategies of introducing new brands to the market, building a brand image for new companies, and re-branding for the existing ones, as well as promotional strategies, build on culture. The mission of you'll's team is to support customers’ development through practical linking of business objectives with company values and purpose and to use this combination to work for the profit of the company as well as for the common good. Her passion is to work in the spirit of participation organizations, combining professionalism and effectiveness with the pursuit of proficiency in self-management and achieving the set goals. Inspiration, motivation, and fulfillment of the mission objectives of the organization aligned with the higher purpose are most important to her.

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