We’re on a mission to push the frontiers of common knowledge.

It's time to make a shift from ego-systems to ecosystems. Guides.co is a social purpose company with a goal to make practical, trustworthy knowledge accessible to everyone.

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These are complex, challenging times

Our world is getting smaller and more connected, which is helping humanity flourish and progress faster than ever in history. But it has also introduced new challenges that, frankly, we're just not equipped to deal with.

The world is being divided into winners and losers: financially, socially, politically, and environmentally. Businesses must continuously reinvent themselves to remain competitive at the expense of workers who lack the skills to compete. Our communities are being transformed into modern technology hubs alienating a large, diverse, and vulnerable population. Our political leaders relentlessly campaign using an "us vs them" rhetoric that divides along imaginary ideological lines.

Technology platforms are widening the gap. Rather than bringing us together, to understand our changing world, they distract us through addictive, fragmented ("personalized") feeds that simultaneously entertain, enrage, and distress us. And it's driving us apart.

We believe in a different society where knowledge unites us and enables us to flourish individually and collectively. Learn more about our vision in our guide: Welcome To The Knowledge Society.

Guides.co is our collective response

Guides.co is a technology platform that places purpose over profit, and serves everyone in our community equally. There are no ads, paid promotions, or preferred treatment. We believe everyone has knowledge to share and that collective knowledge is the only way to overcome complex and urgent challenges.

We aim to make a welcoming and useful space for groups and organizations of all sizes to capture and update knowledge, and to make it accessible to their teams, with the people and organizations they serve and rely on, and with the broader public. We aim to do it with honesty, integrity, and humility. Learn more about our platform in our guide: The Guides Manifesto.

How we work

At Guides, we work differently. We are a network of passonate people all over the world working collectively to improve how we live and work through practical guides and knowledge sharing ecosystems. We have no strategic plans, hours of operations, or management teams. Instead, we recognize and embrace ambiguity, work at our own pace, and trust each other to make the right, best decisions.

We aim to make working on Guides.co humane, fulfilling, and equitable. Learn more about how we work in our guide: The Guides.co Handbook.

Come play with us

Are you passionate about helping others and making knowledge matter? Here's how you can join us:

1. Signup. The first step to joining our team is by joining is the Guides.co community.

2. Become an ambassador. Join the ambassador program and invite your friends to join our community.

3. Check out our roles & activities. This is what we're currently working on. If you see open roles or ways you can help, submit a "tension" for one of the teams.

Have a question or suggestion? Send us an email - we'd love to hear from you.