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Guides helps bring organizations together to overcome common challenges by sharing their knowledge, upgrading skills, and setting new industry standards.

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Turning best practices -- from multiple sources -- into industry standards

When you publish on Guides, people and organizations can subscribe to and republish your content alongside their own, creating mini- to full-blown ecosystems of the latest knowledge on industry topics.

Through Guides, organizations can create shared communities where they can republish guides from different organizations in a single, curated community.

Help people develop new skills as the world evolves.

Through Guides you can publish and update content in real-time to provide continuous learning and on-demand information that keeps everyone's skills and know-how up to date.

From AI to new tools and technology, sharing and collaborating on emerging best practices helps everyone stay competent, safe, and productive.

Impactful Guides: Knowledge you can build on.

NAIMA Canada has developed and published free training material for insulation installers that utilities and governments across Canada have used on Guides to support consumer rebate programs. As a result, tens of thousands of contractors have accessed the latest insulation building science and upgraded their skills through Guides.

Build learning communities together.

Guides enables members of your community to interact with your content and provide feedback and insights that can lead to continuous improvements to your content and help everyone learn and evolve together.

"Guides is like Spotify for live documents. From our hub I can support employees and customers and keep them up-to-date while accessing industry best practices, training programs, regulatory information, incentives, and more."

Jay Nordenstrom, President of NAIMA Canada

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