Combine learning & doing in one place.

Guides helps you organize & curate practical information from multiple sources to create a personalized, live resource hub for every stakeholder.

Dynamic information that keeps everyone up-to-date.

Guides are live documents securely hosted in the cloud that are updated in real-time. Everyone has the latest information without messy version-control or emailing multiple versions.

And when things change, notify all stakeholders with a single click that sends a link to the content that matters.

Organize for the real world.

Create unlimited channels on the fly and add guides to create a personalized experience for every stakeholder. You can create channels for projects, employee roles, partners, geos, or anything you want -- while still maintaining control and security.

Create once, publishing anywhere.

Guides makes it easy to share live information with anyone. Create custom branded portals or publish guides and channels to your website - without ever involving IT. Privately share channels and guides with partners and suppliers to stay connected on topics that matter.

A global knowledge platform.

By using guides, you're connected to a global network of organizations and publishers sharing best practices and updated information on thousands of topics.

Subscribe to guides and channels from partners to increase your organization's knowledge. Increase distribution and engagement by publishing your guides and connecting with thousands of individuals and organizations.

Plenty of extras you (and your users) will love.

The tools you need to keep content fresh, accessible, interactive, and up-to-date

Valuable insight.

See who and how people are using your content in real-time.

Easy to create & update.

If you've used Word, you know how to use Guides.

In-context commenting.

Valuable feedback keeping content fresh and updated.

One-click notifications.

Keep people updated when content changes.

Permission management.

Maintain security while extending access.

Publish & Subscribe.

Subscribe to fresh, dynamic content.

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