Guidify docs that matter.

Thinking of creating a PDF, Webinar, eBook, Presentation, or video series? Think again. Guides support any media, and are easy to create and update in real-time. Most importantly, your audience will love guides.

Simple To Use.

The guide editor is easy to create / edit, organize, and embed any kind of media. Simple drag and drop navigation makes it easy to organize your content.

Digitize your documents.

Guides makes it easy to turn any document into dynamic multimedia documents that are easy to navigate and access on any device.

Built for re-usability.

Guides can be redistributed to different stakeholders using multiple "channels" or allowing partners to republish on their own websites or intranets.

Update once, updated everywhere.

When the "source" guide is updated, it's automatically updated everywhere so everyone always has the latest up to date version.

In-Context Feedback.

In-line commenting and discussion threads to help you improve your content.

One-click updates.

When you make changes to your guide no need to upload and save a new version and email your audience. Simply edit, save, and notify with a single click.

Amazing analytics.

See who and how people are using your guide in real-time.

Go paperless and protect our planet.

Every year over 300 million tons of paper are used and make up the majority of landfill waste. Guides are living documents that will never end up in a landfill.

Stop saving and start guidifying!

Upgrade your documents to a better format.

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