Guides help your people evolve with your business.

From employee onboarding to introducing new programs and skills, guides help your team members learn and apply what they need to be successful.

Trusted worldwide by startups, franchises, corporations, & government agencies.

Everything that matters for you and your team in one connected hub.

Guides are live documents securely hosted in the cloud that are updated in real-time. Everyone has the latest information without messy version-control or emailing multiple versions.

Connect your hub to a network of smart organizations to extend your team's knowledge and stay up-to-date on topics that matter.

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For employee handbooks, manuals, processes, training, webinars, and everything in-between

Guides support interactive & multimedia elements from video and audio to street maps. So whether you're onboarding new employees or providing on-demand safety information, Guides has you covered.

We also have a testing module for courses and can build custom integrations to support whatever toolset you're currently working with.

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Operational Guides: When quality and consistency IS your business.

i-Franchise is a Guides partner who works with many of the largest restaurant and retail chains in the world. When it comes to documenting and sharing processes between locations across the country, they recommend Guides.

A better format for long-form content on the go

By publishing on Guides, your people can easily access information wherever and whenever they need it without having to scroll through a PDF, search their email or shared drives, or carry around a manual.

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Information is always up to date

Things change. Once it's printed or locked in a PDF there's no way to update your content. On Guides, you can update content in real time, and notify people when things change. Your people will appreciate that.

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"Guides is like Spotify for live documents. From our hub I can support employees and customers and keep them up-to-date while accessing industry best practices, training programs, regulatory information, incentives, and more."

Jay Nordenstrom, President of NAIMA Canada

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