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If you have guides on topics that matter, we want to promote it to millions of passionate people... for free. is a rapidly growing free platform for individuals and businesses to discover, subscribe to, and share guides on every topic.

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How it works

1Create your hub

Signup for and create your branded team hub. From here you and your team can create, organize, and update your guides as well as track progress and usage.

2Create elegant guides

Use our intuitive guide editor to create your guide from scratch or cut and paste your existing content. Your guides will look great on every device.

3Publish your guides

Once your guide is complete, publish it to our network and use widgets to embed single guides or whole collections to your own website and boost your SEO.

4Guide promotion

Our publishing network promotes your guides by republishing them on their websites and promoting them on social media via cards that are beautiful and easy to re-share.

5Grow your subscribers

We promote your guides through our recommendation engine to millions of users and over 10,000 organizations that subscribe and receive updates from you.

6Get valuable insight

Get real-time updates on usage of your guides, your audience, and how you are connected across the network.

"Guides is a revolutionary platform that has significantly grown and connected us with our audience. It keeps everyone updated on best practices as our industry evolves."

Jay Nordenstrom, President of NAIMA Canada

Make an impact in people's lives

We're all looking for help.

Whether it's at home or work, when we start something new we turn to the internet for help.

It may be as simple as learning about new technology, regulations, or best practices. Or as complex as launching a startup, understanding our environmental impact, or struggling with mental health issues.

Too often, what we find online is unhelpful clickbait.

That's why we created It's free to use, ad-free, and connects people and organizations to help each other as the world evolves and we face challenges big and small.

Figuring it out as we go: The "How To" category ranks #1 on Google search, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Get the guide to growth.

Discover the benefits to publishing on our network and growing your audience. Learn how to syndicate and promote your content and build an engaged and passionate audience.

The guide includes:

  • Common issues and challenges
  • How your current format is hurting your growth
  • Benefits of using
  • Strategies for increasing your reach
  • Detailed information about the network
  • Useful success stories from different industries
  • How to get started (and how we can help)

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