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A better format for long-form content that people can access on the go

Everyone you're trying to reach carries a computer with them everywhere they go. By publishing a digital version of your guide, you can reach people wherever and whenever they need the information without having to scroll through a PDF, search their email, or carry around a manual.

Publishing on guides is simple, free, and makes accessing and navigating your content a delight.

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Information is always up to date

Things change. Once it's printed or locked in a PDF there's no way to update your content. On Guides, you can update content in real time, and notify people when things change. Your people will appreciate that.

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Impactful Guides: Helping firefighters stay safe.

Fire Dynamics is a joint program between dozens of North American partners to develop and provide free training for firefighters based on leading fire science knowledge. The training material is used by fire stations in over 20 countries inside classrooms, remotely, and on-site.

Engage & connect with your audience

Through traditional publishing there's no way to know who is actually using your content. On Guides, you'll know who is accessing your amazingly helpful content, what sections are being accessed the most, and even receive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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Expand your reach... and impact

On Guides people can bookmark, save, and easily share your content with like minded people. With thousands of members -- and millions of visitors -- we'll help you reach the people you want to help and get the recognition you deserve for making navigating change easier.

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"By publishing on the Guides.co platform our communication guide has been used by over 5 million people and helped students all over the world."

Chris Smith, President of OPIN Software

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