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We're not your typical organization. We are a network of people from all over the world working collectively to improve how we live and work through practical guides and knowledge sharing communities. At Guides.co there's no hours of operation or cubicle office with an overbearing manager. Instead, we have various ways you can contribute and in return, receive a slice of a growing pie.

If you're passionate about shaping how we live and work, check out the roles below and contact us to learn more.


Join our our mission to help grow live knowledge through research, publishing, and connecting people who care about sustainability, wellness, productivity, and life changes.Sign up.

Organizations For Good.

Educational Institutions, Non-Profits, and Ventures For Good can apply to receive funding from Guides to invest in projects that positively impact their communities and the world. Sign up.

Guides Ambassadors.

Ambassadors drive the growth and roadmap of the Guides ecosystem. As an advocate, you'll have insight and input on our future, and help promote Guides to the world. Sign up.

Guides Associates.

Our sales and services are done through a global network of Associates that work with customers to help them achieve their goals using Guides. Sign up to join our network and earn money building on the Guides platform. Sign up.


Investing in Guides.co is an investment in good business with high social impact and the platform economy. We strive to maximize returns by building sustainable ecosystems that return profits through dividends and equity participation. To learn more about investment opportunities, please contact us.


We're always looking for enthusiastic, talented people to support our customers, our mission, and our product roadmap. If you have experience coding, in design, account management, marketing, or operations and would love to work with a dynamic, flexible, distributed team, let us know.