1. Wat is de circulaire economie?

Een serie guides over wat de circulaire economie is, het verschil met de lineaire economie, hoe materialen circuleren, hoe het zich verhoud to 'duurzaamheid', en hoe je het zou kunnen meten.

Basecamp London 2019

A collection of guides that inspired and resulted from Basecamp London 2019

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This channel holds a collections of guides with the challenge papers that fuelled and resulted from Basecamp Toronto 2018

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Stay up to date on House-as-a-System (HAAS), a building science concept that defines the house as an energy system. This home performance approach can increase customer satisfaction by lowering utility bills through reducing energy use, improving home ...

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The Insulation and Air Sealing Manual provides contractors with up to date best practices, building science foundations, and summaries of codes.

Insulation Training - BC

NOTE TO USERS: This training has a new and updated version - the 2022 Insulation and Air Sealing: National edition. Click on Module 1.1 to learn more...


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