Building Envelope 1


One Semester





BSCI 9110 - Building Envelope 1 course will cover the design and performance of above grade Wall and Fenestration assemblies. The remaining building envelope assemblies of the building envelope will be covered in the Building Envelope II course. Topics include: a) Introduction to the “building envelope”, and its relationship with the structure, service systems, and fabric of the building. Introduction to the four primary sets of functions (support, control, finish and distribute); b) Overlapping interests of the building envelope consultant, architect, structural engineer, mechanical and electrical engineers, and other building professionals during the design and construction phases of the building envelope; c) Exterior and interior environmental Loads, as well as loads from the building envelope itself. *These are BCIT courses from outside of the Centre for Energy Systems Applications but whose content directly relates to the mandate of CESA.  Please note that admission process may vary from course to course and in some cases these courses cannot be taken outside of the full program.  Please see each program’s host website for more information.*