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Professional Skills Applied Training


5 weeks





Through a series of sessions, students and new workers can put into practice the professional skills they have been developing through other components of EHRC's Professional Training Program. EHRC's Skill Savvy report shows that group practice activities were the most effective way to acquire the skills required for the electricity industry. Learning alongside others provides students an opportunity to reflect on their attitudes towards the professional skills, but also a chance to observe the various nuances surrounding the application of those skills. For the applied training component, EHRC has developed facilitator guides, facilitator slide decks, skills learning group activities and participant guides that educators and trainers can use to train their learners. EHRC research revealed that the following five skills are the most critical, which will be the subject of this component: Critical thinking and decision-making Collaboration Active listening Time management Social perceptiveness This component is ideal prior to starting a WIL term or as part of the new graduate’s onboarding sessions. Each session is designed to take 2-3 hours to complete. Complete this course in up to five weeks!